Chocolate to enjoy

Madame Chêri is a luxury chocolate that you take your time for and enjoy. For her, enjoyment arises from various aspects of production. Starting with the ripening of the fruits and nuts: only sun work. This contributes to a much more natural taste of the “raw” fruit. The same procedure for drying our fruits: only sun work. This process is called drying and is essentially different to „conventional“ industrial drying. Because this process does not contain any sulphides and the fruit remains free of sulphites; however, it takes a lot of time. Something similar when roasting our nuts – no oil, but natural roasting. Thus, the fat-soluble vitamin E is not destroyed and the minerals are made more absorbent for the body.

Our chocolate remains pure chocolate. Many competitors rely on the additional mixing of fats and sugars in order to subliminally manipulate our reward system into doing something good for yourself. Of course, this works very well, but the chocolate no longer works as it should. As I said, Madame Chêri is a luxury chocolate for which you take the time to explore its delicate melt. The change in taste while enjoying has its origin in our exquisite cocoa beans: high-quality Ecuador and Panama beans are mixed. And happy cocoa beans from happy cocoa farmers make us all the happier.